Saturday, January 10

"We all know that permanent judges acquire an esprit de corps; that, being known, they are liable to be tempted by bribery; that they are misled by favor, by relationship, by a spirit of party, by a devotion to the executive or legislative; that it is better to leave a cause to the decision of cross and pile than to that of a judge biased to one side; and that the opinion of twelve honest jurymen gives still a better hope of right than cross and pile does."

--Thomas Jefferson to Abbe Arnoux, 1789. ME 7:423, Papers 15:283

Jefferson's words, "...judges acquire an esprit de corps" is a graceful way of saying display an attitude of arrogance, that judges are "Masters", rather than SERVANTS, elected by the Legislature to SERVE the Citizens, who are the Masters, or Sovereigns in America, so "Sovereign Immunity", or its sub-set "Judicial Immunity", is an alien concept to Jefferson's Declaration of Independence from which derives the rest of the body of American Law.

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