Wednesday, September 23

With JURY Pro Se Litigant BEE-lief in RIGHTS, he WINS against Police and Prosecutor

Due to the wise ways of Jurors in a Jury in Roanoke County, Virginia, Pro Se party James Renwick Manship, Sr., won a NOT GUILTY verdict on a "RADAR GUN" Speeding Charge.

The reality is that Manship was not that day, 4 March 2009, speeding, but the Policeman did not like a big orange sign in the back of his "Bee-Mobile" pickup truck that said, "HALT Bell Execution Gov. Kaine",

so pulled Manship over to give him a false, harassment traffic ticket, kind of like a part time job for the Policeman who gets paid time and a half or double time beyond 4 hours or so per pay period in Court.

Bell was a mentally retarded black man framed by a Democrat Prosecutor who Police notes stated was reported by a trusted informant as "skimming money from drug dealers".

Bell was accused, and "convicted" by planted evidence and prosecutor misconduct, of shooting Policeman Ricky Timbrook. A careful reading of the Court records of evidence shows the unbiased reader that Bell was NOT the Guilty party.

The Police came up at the stop with a surly attitude, but ask why if it was JUST a so called Speeding stop?

But Manship a "Journalist for Justice" had his handy-dandy HD video camera setting on the dashboard. The Policeman REALLY DID NOT LIKE THAT, and ORDERED Journalist Manship to take it down and cut it off.

Well, Journalist Manship, fearful of abuse of authority by the surly policeman, even though it was an UN-Constitutional order by the police, did take the camera down, but did NOT cut it off, so it was STILL able to record audio, and a skewed partial image of the cab of the truck from the satchel where the camera was placed.

A bunch of other "stuff" went down on that first meeting, with Manship assuring the First Amendment Rights Violating Policeman that he would NOT send in a payment as the Policeman stated could be done, but would demand a JURY TRIAL.

Well the first trial was in front of a corrupt judge in the General District Court, so Manship was found Guilty, sadly as expected from a judge who is part of the traffic court extortion system of money from citizens by false tickets.

Manship immediately in Court Appealed to a JURY TRIAL. Manship was given notice of the Circuit Court date, appeared, and immediately OBJECTED to the proceedings. The judge said, "How can you object, nothing has been said yet?"

Manship stated, "I object because I appealed for JUSTICE by a JURY trial, and there is NO JURY present here today."

The judge said, "If you lose you have to pay the cost of a Jury."

Manship responded, "I am willing to pay the cost of Freedom and Justice."

The trial was rescheduled to 23 September 2009.

Again, at the start of the trial the judge said "Mr. Manship, the Clerk sent notices to 24 people for Jury Duty, and all 24 responded. So even though this trial will only have 7 Jurors, if you lose, you will have to pay the Per Diem Costs of all 24."

Manship quickly calculated in his head that meant $720 beyond the Court Costs and fees, and any fines or penalties directly associated with the Policeman's false charge.

Had Manship "just paid the ticket", it would likely have been not more than $150, a maximum of $200 plus Court Costs.

And the cost of gasolene for THREE ROUND TRIPS from Alexandria to Roanoke was several hundred dollars.

And the cost of TIME, even at minimum wage, for THREE ROUND TRIPS, and THREE TIMES in COURT and waiting for your CASE in COURT, is several hundred dollars.

The Traffic Court system knows those Economic Factors mentioned above, and sets the fines at a level to maximize the County Revenue by people just giving up and saying "It is not worth it to fight this unfair ticket."

The Traffic Courts are basically a "Legal Extortion Racket". The County gets Revenue, and the Policemen get an easy job, waiting, drinking coffee, getting paid overtime.

Again, Manship replied, "I am willing to pay the cost of Freedom." The Court system was being manipulated to minimize any real claim to Justice, trying to intimidate a Citizen from exercising the RIGHT to DEMAND a TRIAL BY JURY.

Well Manship began discussing MOTIVATION, the policeman was being PAID to write tickets and be in Court, so it was a part time job. Everyone else in the Courtroom, the Prosecutor, the Judge, the Clerk, the Bailiffs, everyone including the Jurors, though WAY TOO LOW at $30 per day were being PAID, EXCEPT the Defendant. So the Defendant had NO MOTIVATION to tell a Falsehood, because it would have been FAR LESS COSTLY to just pay the "Damn" ticket and be done with it without all the "hassle".

But the Policeman's corrupt motivation is basically a "He Said, She Said" argument, not able to be proven. Still useful to expose the dishonest motives of the Policeman.

Then Manship asked where in the Court room was the Radar Gun? Where is a Radar Gun serial number? In a Police Log or Journal? Where is evidence of WHERE the Radar Gun was activated and where was the truck Manship was driving at the alleged time of the "Crime"? What was the distance? What are the specification of accuracy? How many degrees is the "Beam", so what is the width of the beam at 100 feet and what at 500 feet? Where is the record of the Policeman's training in proper use of the Radar Gun? Where is the record of the Radar Gun being in calibration? Where is a Radar Gun expert?

Then Manship requested documents, that the Prosecution had NOT provided previously. Manship looked at the "Prosecution Evidence" and saw MANY inconsistencies in "serial numbers" or "registration numbers" between the two documents, supposedly from the start and end of the Policeman's watch.

And also noticed that the Radar Gun showed it needed a new calibration TWO DAYS BEFORE the gun was used to SHOOT Manship.

Manship stated to the Jury, if the Police could not even do timely maintenance, and could not get their serial numbers on their two documents consistent, WHY WOULD WE believe they might not also "Fabricate" or "Falsify" a Radar Gun Speeding Charge.

Manship read each point of the Jury Instructions that each said "Reasonable Doubt" and said, Clearly there is Reasonable Doubt, as to Motive, maybe, but as to accurate paperwork, absolutely.

The Jury agreed with Manship and rendered a NOT GUILTY verdict, despite the perception of most citizens that if you are "Caught on Radar, you are Guilty." The TRUTH is the Police may give you a ticket and never "shoot you" with a Radar Gun. Traffic Tickets are a "Profit Sector" of the "Business of Government" of putting its hands in the pockets of Taxpayers.

The only place most Government Bureaucrats want to drill is in YOUR WALLET!

And a final tally of costs is TO DEFEND and WIN (Pro Se) Cost about $700 or more. If a Citizen had an attorney who did not sell out his client as far too many do, it would have cost THOUSANDS for this fraudulent ticket. If the Citizen had a typical attorney, the defense would have been lackadaisical, the Citizen would have lost, and had to pay Jury Costs, Defense Lawyer Costs, and Court Costs.

To submit to Police Corruption and Judicial Tyranny would have only cost about $200. Extortion, thy name is Traffic Court!

Sometimes the individual Citizen MUST BE WILLING TO PAY THE COSTS OF FREEDOM AND JUSTICE, so that hopefully fewer of his fellow Citizens will fall VICTIM of the same sort of TYRANNY and EXTORTION.

Thank God and the Founding Fathers for giving us the RIGHT of a JURY TRIAL to Control the "OUT OF CONTROL" Police and Prosecutors of modern America.

NOW as a "Reward" for your BEE-lief that YOU TOO can WIN against the BARbarians, enjoy this "Bee Bee Doll" with the Bee-Mobile...

On All Hallow's Eve, would those be BOO-BEES?
(Hey, you got to smile and enjoy life too!)