Saturday, January 9

"Thomas Jefferson" speaks with Virginia Delegates and Senators in Fairfax County "Taj Mahal" (=Tax More!) Auditorium

Speaker number 41 walked to the podium in the "Spirit of Thomas Jefferson" to talk for 3 minutes about the Dangers to the Republic caused by a near 70 per cent decline in Jury Trials in Virginia in the past 9 years which means a similar number increase in Judicial Tyranny in Virginia Courts in the same time frame.

The Founding Fathers considered the Jury as the lower house in a Bi-Cameral Judiciary to add balance to the natural autocratic or tyrannical tendency of Judges, in much the same way the House of Delegates is a balance to the natural aristocratic tendency of Senators.

Citizens in America today have LOST that fundamental understanding of how the Judicial Branch was designed to function... More below, along with a few bits of humor thrown in for levity to balance the gravity of the threat to Liberty by Judges.


I appear today as the Spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a Founding Father & founder of the original REPUBLICAN Party (NOT as we are taught wrongly in school, the "Democratic-Republican Party"). Jefferson was wise to warn us about unjust Judges. You have heard of me say, "I can not live without my books." Today I can not live without my MacBook.

I am J.R. "States" Manship, Historian and "Journalist for Justice", appointed in 1998 by Governor Gilmore to the Mount Vernon Board of Visitors. In 2001, I testified to a Joint Task Force exposing gross injustice in Virginia's Divorce Courts.

In this same building in May 2003, I testified to 4 Chief Judges of the Virginia Judicial Reform Commission.

I quoted Amos 5:15 - "Hate evil and love the Good. Remodel your Courts into True Halls of Justice." The judges were Google-eyed and dumb-founded, that I would boldly quote God's Word to them, little gods, showing how Bible Wisdom applies to Judges...

I also spoke of the need to DIGITALLY record EVERY Court hearing to FORCE ACCOUNTABILITY on judges and lawyers. Maryland does so with audio. 98 per cent of Kentucky Courts already do so with Jefferson Audio & Video Systems as do Chesapeake, Chesterfield, Roanoke, and Wise Courts in Virginia.

Why not be WISE all across Virginia?

Jefferson wisely stated:
"Judges whose erroneous biases are leading us to dissolution should be removed from the bench. It may, indeed, injure them in fame or fortune, but it saves the Republic." Amen & Amen!

From the Chief Justice Report of 2008, we learn of a Dire Threat to the Life and Liberty of every Virginian, due to a near 70 per cent DECLINE in use of Jury Trials in the past 9 years of Judicial Tyranny.

In 1979 were two comedy movies, one was "The Villain" with Kirk Douglas, Ann-Margret, and the "Handsome Stranger" Arnold the Governator. The other movie was "The JERK", with Steve Martin, not the famous Virginia Senator, that other guy.


Judges judged by a JIRC, the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission, naturally "inquiring minds want to know" if they EVER remove villainous judges.

Under our Constitution, it is NOT the job of Judges to judge Judges who have been jerks or "Villains". That is YOUR JOB, the DUTY of the LEGISLATURE.

Past Virginia General Assemblies have abrogated this Duty and added Costs to the Taxpayers with the useless JIRC -- judges judging judges.

Last February, I spoke before a Joint meeting of the Senate and House Courts of Justice Committees to "torpedo" Judge Wetsel of Winchester because "the GOOD judge" compared Washington to ADOLF HITLER.

That innocent black Army Veteran, Jeff Washington, sits in jail for 15 years while a JERK judge sits on the Bench and sucks in taxpayer dollars for 15 years.

That makes my blood boil!

For Virginia Voters, Write the new Governor praying he Pardon Jeff Washington.

Also YOU, our Elected Servants, need to REMOVE the Adolf Hitler judge, and ZERO the budget for the useless JIRC Judge Commission.

Thank you.
May you and all
Americans Bless God
by doing GW - God's Will.

Attorney Isidore Rodriguez speaks to Fairfax elected servants to the General Assembly of Virginia.

Attorney Isidore Rodriguez speaks to Fairfax elected servants to the General Assembly of Virginia. (portions of his four page, 3 minute speech)